Automatic Power Selectors

The Bocatech Automatic Power Selectors (APS) provides a simple, solid state solution for redundant DC power for vital electronic equipment while maintaining isolation of the DC power sources.

The independent batteries are wired to higher torque-accepting terminals and internal diodes maintain total isolation between them. They are combined in a single output which is wired to the load. Current is automatically drawn from the battery with the higher voltage. Isolation prevents the higher-charged battery from “dumping” into the lower charged or failed battery.

The unit is ruggedly constructed with heavy-duty wiring studs and epoxy potted components in an anodized aluminum case. Wiring nuts, washers and mounting screws are provided.


  • Maintains isolation of the DC power sources

  • Solid state

  • Rated for systems up to 48VDC

  • Higher torque-accepting stainless steel fixtures

  • Rugged anodized aluminum case

  • Designed with low voltage drop Schottky diodes

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