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The Defense of the Dissertation Has Been Overcome: What to Do Next?

So, the most important, and sometimes scary or exciting stage, is already behind us - the speech before the Discouncil was a success. How is the life of a researcher in the future? About this in our article. Let's consider step by step what path the "newly minted" scientist has to go through, and in what sequence.

Registration of documents

It is important to note here that regardless of when you defended your thesis, the acceptance of documents for the design of an academic degree by the Higher Attestation Commission and the Discussion Council begins only in the fall. At the same time, do not delay the collection and preparation of materials.

If the defense of the scientific work was successful, then in the near future (within 30 days), the applicant must complete the following steps:

  • Prepare a dissertation in two copies. It is important that the work is bound and bound. It's all done in print. These documents are attached in addition to those provided for protection.

  • Supporting documentation. In this case, it is necessary to send a special letter to the Scientific and Technical Information Center, CITIS.

  • ICD (design of dissertation information cards). These documents and forms are issued to the author by the Discussion Council after a successful defense.

It is important to complete all documents without errors. Particular attention should be paid to the ICD. The dissertation student is given 3 days from the date of filling in to make corrections. This document reflects information about the author, the name of the research topic, the date of protection, the “accession number” of the work, etc.


The transcript is a record of the dissertator's speech before the Dissertation Council on the appointed day. It is in printed form. The applicant's speech itself is recorded on an audio device, and then the text is typed (without any abbreviations, verbatim exactly). Parasite words are excluded from the transcript, sentences can be rephrased taking into account the rules of the English language, but strictly preserving the original meaning. Also excluded from the text are sentences and speeches that are not related to the defense.

The transcript also includes the decision of the Dissertation Council, taken after the speech (the results of the secret ballot). The transcript is drawn up in two copies, and then printed. The written version is signed by the chairman of the Discouncil and the academic secretary, and then approved by the seal.

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