Frequently asked questions

Is the NAV/ANC or 2CKT resettable?

No. You will need to add an inline fuse or run through the panel.

Can you design a switch with orange LEDs?

Yes. We can change the color of the LED ring to almost any color you request.

Does Bocatech Switches design panels?

No. However, we do work closely with quite a few panel makers and can recommend one upon request.

What is the difference between resettable and non-resettable?

Resettable switches have are fused internally whereas the non-resettable switches do not have an internal fuse.

What are the diameters of the switch?

19mm hole in panel and 22mm face.

What metal are the Anodized switches made from?

All anodized switches are made from aluminum.

What metal are the standard switches?

Our switches (aside from anodized) are made from Stainless Steel 316.

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