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Our new LiveWell Timer Module Kit is unique in that it can monitor in real time 2 pumps independently. 

Capable of controlling 2 pumps simultaneously (aereator & recirculating), this module provides 3 timer modes which can be applied individually to either pump, providing optimum control of the LiveWell system. 


In conjunction with Bocatech’s 5 Amp, bi-color switches (included), it is possible to know at a glance the operational status and the Timer Mode setting applied. In other words, if a pump fails, a visual (flashing red) and audible indication activates.




  • Two pump system (up to 5 Amps each)
  • Three Timer Modes:
    1 min On - 6 min Off=blue, 3 min On - 4 min Off=blue flashing, On all the time=red
  • Visual alarm (flashing red)
  • Audio alarm (12 Volts 100mA)
  • Monitors pumps in real time
  • 12/24VDC battery system
  • Solid state


The LiveWell Timer Module Kit provides everything you need: 
2 BTSSSS-5MBL/R Mini LED switches & a piezo (12V, 100 milliamps).


 Input voltage range 12-30VDC, negative ground
 Maximum load current 5 A/ch

 Dimensions - Inches/mm
 L x W x H

 1.83 / 0.95 / 1.36
 46.48 / 24.13 / 34.54

 Weight - oz/g

 4 / 113.39

LiveWell Timer Module Kit

  • We strive to ship items as soon as posssible. Occassionally an item might not be in stock that day. We will ship it as soon as it becomes aviailable and will notify you of it's shipping.

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